Create customers who

create customers


“Payst maakt van social media krachtige marketingtool”

“Payst zou wel eens een hype kunnen worden”

“Zo gewoon als nu de like-button is, zo gewoon is straks de Payst-knop”

“Payst lijkt een unieke vinding in de markt te gaan zetten”

More customers?


How to get more traffic and sales on your website? Its an important question for businesses. Not all bussinesses have enough marketing budget to stand out the crowd.

Idea: Let your customers promote your business! The value of customers talking about your company is worth a lot!


How does it work?

Create a payst offer


Give your customers a discount or a free product in exchange for a post or a tweet about your company, product or service. Payst is a social payment provider! We help businesses to find and use the customers valuable' social network. Create a Payst offer!


Want to share your message?

Define your message


You can make your own predefined Twitter and Facebook message which can be shared on Facebook or Twitter. The Payster will post one of these messages on their Facebook or Twitter account and automatically receives a coupon with your offer. Lets talk about you!


Broadcast your offer!

Activate your widget


We have created a special widget for you! With this widget you can easily broadcast your offer on your website, Facebook page or webshop. You can activate yours in three easy steps:


  1. Create a free business account
  2. Setup your deal with our easy to use tools 
  3. Pick a widget and then copy the code in your website

Are you ready to have new customers?


Feed your fanpage

Feed your fanpage


Besides placing an individual deal widget on your site we also made a Facebook app that you can include in your fanpage.
Just login to your account, go to the widget page and press the add to fanpage button. Thats it! Now all of your fans will have access to your deal feed. Do you want to see a sample? Have a look at our Facebook fanpage tab.


Check your statistics

Check your statistics


Now wait and see how the widget does his job.

With our cool statistics you are able to see how many times your deal has been viewed, paysted and how many people you have reached with your broadcasted message. Want to know more about your audience? Just login and check the advanced statistics.


Want to see some widgets in action?

Try our example widgets below..

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We all love sharing, we all love paysting!



Get started with payst

Easy webshop integration


You can use the Payst plugins to integrate Payst into your webshop with ease. Just install them, configure it with your API key and set the plugin live and show the payst deals on the home, article or thankyou page of your webshop.


Get started

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